Just a short post today.

I see a lot of videos online.  More than I care to admit because I get distracted from working.  Well, just today, there was a video I wanted to watch but this is what came up instead:



“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party”

I’m assuming that the video had a sound track in the background…probably a song from a commercial artist.

So, just because there are LOT’s of videos on YouTube that have popular songs in the background doesn’t mean that it’s ok.  It just means that they haven’t gotten caught yet.

Now, this particular video was a personal, non-business related video but just imagine if it were.  What do you think your viewers will think of you or your business if they see a message like THAT!!!

Doesn’t look too professional does it?

Remember, perception is reality in business.  Make sure your video doesn’t get banned by using commercial, copyright material.

There are plenty of sources where you can purchase suitable music for your video.  Just do a Google search for “video music” or “PLR video music”.

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Here’s a short video tutorial on how to post a YouTube video to your blog.


You can easily add these YouTube videos to other blogging platforms in a similar way.  Usually, when editing your post from within the blog software, you have the choice of using a visual or an HTML view.  Just make sure that when you are placing the source code on your blog you are placing in the HTML version.

For example:

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